Attention to Details

Princess Aleena was very fond of dressing up. She had lots of beautiful gowns of various types of clothes, design and colors. Each one was designed specially and tailored to her size.
She had a team of efficient seamstresses to make clothes exclusively for her.
One day she casually mentioned to her head maid-servant, “Most of my gowns get stained at the cuff of the right arm. Only some of them remain clean at that point. I wonder why?”
The head maid-servant was very surprised. She then decided to segregate all the gowns that had unstained right cuffs to find out why so.
She inquired from all the seamstresses and came to conclusion that all these gowns were stitched by one particular seamstress.
The maid sent for seamstress.
The girl came in wondering why she had been sent for.
The maid sent to her, “The princess says that the gowns stitched by you, do not seem to get stained at the right cuff while she eats her food, whereas all her other gowns, get stained. What is the reason?”
The seamstress said, “The reason is that the right arm of the princess is one inch shorter than her left arm. So, I make the right sleeve shorter by an inch. It has to stay in place, it cannot hang below.”
The maid raised her eyebrows in surprise. She took the seamstress to the princess.
The girl measured the length of both the arms of the princess. There was indeed a difference of an inch. Only this seamstress seemed to have noticed this!

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