Apelles and the Young Ass

Kriloff’s Original Fables
He, that of self-love more hath than his share,
Is pleased with self for that at which all others stare
And oft it happens, that we hear him boast Of what he ought to blush for most.
Apelles, meeting with an Ass
Still young, invited him to be his guest
The Ass, too pleased to think of rest, Boasting aloud through all the woods doth pass, And tells the beasts : ” Apelles is a bore ; Tormented I will be no more ; Each time we meet he presses me to call.
It seems to me, my friends, that all He wants is, from me Pegasus to draw.”
: No,” said Apelles, chancing to be there,
The famous cause of Midas was my care
In thee a model for his ears I saw : And, if thou’lt call again, I glad shall be. Though I have met with many long-eared asses, Such length of ear as that on thee
All asses, young or old, by far surpasses.”
[Kenevitch says, that the well-known grammarian and
writer Gretch related to him, as the origin of this fable, that a young writer named Katenin once publicly declared
in the Library, that Kriloff worried him with continual in- vitations. Kriloff had invited the ill-fated boaster twice.]

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