A Tree of Puries

A farmer and his wife were working in a field. They found a brass pot full of gold coins there. They looked around to ascertain that they were not noticed by anyone. Yes, they were not. They put back the pot under the earth and went home. At night, the farmer came back, unearthed the pot and took it home. There he dug a pit in the compound and hid the pot. Then he told his wife to keep the secret close to her so that Mr. Rao, to whom the farm belonged, would not know about it and demand the pot and coins back. His wife assured him that the secret could remain guarded.

A Tree of Puries
A Tree of Puries

Next day, in the evening his wife went to see her friend in the neighborhood. The farmer felt that she might not keep the secret to herself as a woman can hardly resist such a temptation. He thought of a plan. He unearthed the pot and carried it back to the farm and put it at its original place. This he kept a secret from his wife. In the night, when his wife was asleep, he prepared puries and put them on the branches of a neem tree near his house. Then he went to sleep.

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Next day, when the farmer and his wife were going out, his wife saw puries on the tree and said, “What is this ?” The farmer said. “This tree gives puries as fruits every fifth year. Last time, one year before our marriage it gave these fruits. Let us take the puries and enjoy ourselves”, the wife suggested. The farmer climbed the tree. and picked up the puries. They, then, went home and had them to their full.

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After meals, when the farmer was taking rest, Rao came there and demanded the pot of gold coins. The farmer said that he did not have the pot of gold but Rao insisted that since the information was given by his wife to someone, it must be correct. The farmer asked his wife whether she saw such a pot, if so, when was it. The wife said, “I saw the pot being buried in our compound on the day when we had puries from the neem tree.” The farmer, laughed and asked Rao if he could believe his wife’s words.

Rao was surprised to hear what the farmer’s wife had said and thought that it must be a joke. However, he felt advised to confirm and expressed desire to search the compound of the house. The farmer allowed him.

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Rao searched the compound all over and came to the conclusion that it must be just a joke spread by the farmer’s wife as she didn’t seem to be a person of sound mind though he could not find his gold pot, he begged to be excused by the farmers for all the bother he gave him, and went away.


A Tree of Puries – Rajasthani Folktales

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