A Song Of Singing by James Whitcomb Riley

Sing! gangling lad, along the brink
Of wild brook-ways of shoal and deep,
Where killdees dip, and cattle drink,
And glinting little minnows leap!
Sing! slimpsy lass who trips above
And sets the foot-log quivering!
Sing! bittern, bumble-bee, and dove–
Sing! Sing! Sing!

Sing as you will, O singers all
Who sing because you want to sing!
Sing! peacock on the orchard wall,
Or tree-toad by the trickling spring!
Sing! every bird on every bough–
Sing! every living, loving thing–
Sing any song, and anyhow,
But Sing! Sing! Sing!

See also  Hymn 3:36. 3D. S. M. [Ye Angels Round The Throne] by Isaac Watts
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