A Newspaper Puff by Howard Pyle

Twelve geese
In a row
(So these
Always go).
They meander,
Tail to bill;
First the gander.
So they stalked,
Bold as brass
As they walked
To the grass.

Stopped the throng;
Plain to see
Something’s wrong
Yes; there is
Something white!
No quiz;
Clear to sight.
(‘Twill amuse
When you’re told
‘Twas a news-
Paper old.)

Gander spoke.
Braver bird
Never broke
Egg, I’ve heard:
“Stand here
Never fear,
Wait for me.”

Forth he went,
Cautious, slow,
Body bent,
Head low.
All the rest
Stood fast,
Waiting for
What passed.

Wind came
With a caper,
Caught same
Daily paper.
Up it sailed
In the air;
Courage failed
Then and there.
Scared well
Out of wits;
Nearly fell
Into fits.
Off they sped,
‘Till they’d fled
Under shelter.

Poor geese!
Never mind;
Other geese
One can find,
Cut the same
Foolish caper
At empty wind
In a paper.

H. Pyle

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