A Bet Over A Cake

Once upon a time, there were a man and his wife who shared three cakes. On the third, they made a bet, “whoever talks first loses his share of the cake.” After this, they stopped talking. In no time, a thief forced his way into the house to rob valuable things. The couple saw that everything fell into the thief’s hand without uttering a sound, due to the bet they had made previously Seeing that they said nothing, the thief started to attack the wife in the presence of her husband who still would not utter a word. Then she shouted to her husband, “How stupid you are! You wouldn’t shout only because of a cake.”

Clapping his hand in joy, the husband said, “Oh! My girl. I’ll get the cake. I won’t give you any of it.”

Upon hearing the story, everyone nearby laughed at them.

So are the common people.

For a little fame and gain, people deceptively appear to be quiet and silent. When they are
disturbed with their false worries and all other evil thoughts, they are not afraid of losing
their good teachings and falling into the Three Evil Paths of Transmigration. They do not try
to seek to leave this world. When they have their five desires fulfilled, they do not think of
the ensuing suffering. Therefore, they are in no way different from that stupid husband.

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